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Oran Park
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Position Title Senior Design Engineer

Position Number 34165

Division Community Assets

Branch Assets and Design Services

Grade 15

Special Requirements

RMS Traffic Control Certificates

WH&S Construction and Induction Certificate

Drivers licence

Physical and Environmental Demands Ability to carry out site inspections and field work

Authorities As applicable and as delegated by the General Manager

Key Direction/s Effective and Sustainable Transport

An Enriched and Connected Community

Local Service/s

Local Traffic Management, Construction and Maintenance of Roads, Footpaths and Kerbing.

Community Support Facilities and Services.

Reporting Structure

Director Community


Manager Assets And Design


Team Leader Landscape Design

Team Leader Civil Design &


Team Leader Asset Management

Team Leader Growth Area Design &

Floodplain Management

Senior Design Engineers


Design Engineer

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Position Purpose

To undertake investigations, and design of civil infrastructure, including the preparation of estimates and related design, stormwater design and stormwater specification functions of Council. To project manage external consultants, prepare detailed reports and specifications. To provide engineering advice and services to the various departments within Council.

Key Result Areas

• Investigation and Road Design

• Engineering and Construction Advice

• Major External Infrastructure Design Assessment and Inspections

• Stormwater Quality and Quantity Management

• Branch Activities

• Customer Service

• Corporate Core Values

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Investigation and Design

• Manage investigations and prepare or manage designs including quantities and estimates for civil works including roads, drainage, traffic facilities, etc.

• Preparation of reports and Council reports for community consultation, Council and internal purposes.

• Investigate, evaluate, recommend, conclude and report on various engineering and environmental related matters.

• Undertake environmental assessments of projects. Engineering and Construction Advice

• Provide expert advice to the Capital works and Development Engineers and other sections within Council regarding internal and external designs.

• Provide expert advice to the Capital works and Development Engineers and other sections within Council regarding various civil projects.

• Provide expert advice in relation to the Engineering Specifications and other policies.

Major External Infrastructure Design Assessment and Inspections

• Assess the design and impact of the major infrastructure that is being constructed within the Local Government Area.

• Carry out inspections including final inspections of the major infrastructure.

• This includes the major works by Sydney Water, Endeavour Energy, Jemena, Department of Transport and the RMS.

Stormwater Quality and Quantity Management

• Provide input for Council’s Stormwater Levy and other stormwater improvement projects and programs to improve stormwater quality and quantity management outcomes.

Branch Activities

• Manage projects and consultants,

• Provide back up support and assistance to other officers in the Design Team,

• Contribute to the development and review of policy and procedures.

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• Contribute to the development of the Branch’s budget process,

• Maintain current knowledge of legislation, policy and procedures that impact upon all aspects of the role.

• Provide mentoring to other staff members

• Act in accordance with Council’s Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy and Plan at all times as Council will not tolerate fraudulent or corrupt practices by its own staff, contractors or others working for Council.

• Other relevant duties which may be required by the Team Leader or Manager from time to time

Customer Service

• Demonstrate a strong customer focus which is accurate, responsive, timely and courteous

Corporate Core Values.

• Continuously display Councils Corporate Core Values of Leadership, Innovation, Partnership, Commitment and Customer Focus.

WHS Responsibility

• Implement, monitor and, or comply with Councils WHS Management System, including but not limited to WHS Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Risk Assessments/Work instructions and associated systems tools in their relevant work area

• Adequately familiarise and actively fulfil all WHS responsibilities as indicated in Council’s WHS Roles and Responsibilities Matrix (attached)

Risk Management Responsibilities

• To act at all times in a manner which does not place at risk the health and safety of anyone in the workplace.

• Responsible and accountable for taking practical steps to minimise Council’s exposure to risks in so far as is reasonably practicable

• Must be aware of operational and business risks. Particularly:

o understand and adhere to the principles of Risk Management within their job role;

o assist Managers and Team Leaders in identifying risks and risk treatments in their job role;

o provide input into various risk management activities;

o report all emerging risks, issues and incidents to their manager or appropriate officer; and

o follow Council policies and procedures.

Essential and Desirable Criteria


• Tertiary qualifications in Civil Engineering

• Experience in the investigation, survey, design and estimation of engineering projects. In particular; road, drainage, traffic, stormwater and environmental works,

• Detailed understanding of contemporary engineering and environmental works; in particular Water Sensitive Urban Design,

• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and achieve outcomes within budget and to defined time lines,

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office computer applications.

• Proficient in the use of Computer Aided Design programs and related software packages (Camden Council uses AutoCAD C3D & Advanced Road Design),

• Proficient in using stormwater quality and quantity design software,

• Strong customer/community service focus,

• Excellent written and oral communication skills including the ability to relate well to internal and external clients and the ability to write analytical and logical reports drawing justified conclusions and strong negotiation skills

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• Experience in surveying using modern surveying instruments and technologies including GPS,

• Experience in computer aided vehicle turn path evaluation,

• Experience in the use of WaterRide Flood Manager,

• Understanding of Local Government operations, processes and administrative procedures.

Prepared By Manager Assets and Design Services

Date Prepared November 2018

I have read and understand the contents of the position description for my role and agree to work in accordance with the requirements of the position.

I understand that this position description may change with organisational requirements and the tasks and responsibilities outlined in the position description may vary from time to time.

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