Here’s how you will succeed in your next phone interview

More often these days, employers and recruiters are conducting “pre-interview” phone interviews. They don’t necessarily mean you get the job if you ace it, however, if it doesn’t go well, it could mean you’re automatically off the list for a follow up face-to-face interview. Here are a few things to consider before taking a phone interview.

Really think about what you want to say before you say it

It can be tricky to get your message across over the phone if the person on the other end can’t see how you’re saying it. Phone interviews are more about demonstrating your interpersonal skills. Think communication and building a rapport with the interviewer. Listen carefully to what is being asked of you and what is being said so that you can respond in a polite but confident manner. It will show that you respect others and that you’re able to think quick on your feet – all very good skills to have under your belt.

Prep time is key

Just like being interviewed face-to-face, preparation before the phone call is essential. Find out who you are talking to and the company you are applying to work for. Be very familiar with your previous work by studying your resume front to back. If you’re prepared, you’ll be less likely to fumble with your responses and waste precious time (phone interviews typically don’t last longer than 20-30 minutes!).

It’s not all about you

Have some questions ready to ask the interviewer – they’re expecting them! Ask them about the role, the team, the work environment, and even the next steps post-phone interview. Being prepared with questions for the employer is a great way to show that you are interested in the role and will gain their respect if you do it in a professional and polite manner.

Check yourself and your surroundings

A few more quick tips to help you smash your phone interview;

  • You’re still selling yourself and your skills/personality over the phone so remember to be warm but professional. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to speak to them and keep your tone friendly whilst using formal language.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings when you take the call – the last thing you want is for the person on the other end to tell you they can’t hear you properly. Choose somewhere quiet and free from distractions and be mindful if you’re using a handsfree headset – those microphones pick up noise from afar (speaking from experience!).
  • Even though you can’t be seen, your posture and even your presentation can be detected over the phone – you want to sound confident, not tired/lazy…

If you are preparing for a phone interview and need a few pointers or even a practice run, the team at ACM Healthcare would be more than happy to help. To get in touch, send me an email at