How to politely quit your job

Quitting your job can be just as daunting as trying to get one! It can be hard to tell your boss that you’ve found a new opportunity – but it’s important to remain professional when giving notice. Leave the right way, and you’ll continue to build your professional network for future roles. Leave the wrong way, and your chances of finding a new job could prove to be difficult.

Keep communication positive. You could have a terrible supervisor or not agree with some of the decisions made within the business. That doesn’t mean you need to tell your boss exactly how you feel. Taking a negative approach when resigning can lead to a long and hard road when looking for your next career move down the track.

Give your notice as early as possible

Some organisations have a two-week notice period and others might have four. Depending on your contract, ensure you resign within the agreed time frame to allow the person filling your position enough time. This will also show that you respect your boss and have their best interests at heart.

Talk to your boss face-to-face

Having the “I quit” conversation with your boss can be difficult… but try not to do it over email or text. Sit down with your boss in person and explain to them that you are moving on. Keep the conversation as positive as possible to avoid burning bridges.

Make the most of your last weeks on the job

A lot of people will start to slack off once they’ve resigned. I get it, it can feel like a weight has been lifted! But you want to try and leave with a good last impression. Keep that in mind when you’re counting down your final days. It can pay off, in the long run, to work even harder than you have in the past!

Lend a hand to the newbie

You know what it’s like to start a new job. New faces, new processes to learn, lots of reading. Something organisations really appreciate from people who have resigned, is the offer to help train the person replacing them. Walk them through your day to day or write up a handover document or even show them around the office. Show initiative and people will take notice!

Keep in touch!

Maintain ties where you can! You might want to use your former boss as a reference in the future, in which case, it’s important to know what they’ve been up to since you’ve been gone. You could also turn to your former boss for career advice or they might be able to help you find a new role when the time comes.

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