How to hire for cultural fit

There is an ideology when recruiting that you should ‘Hire for culture fit, train for skills’. But what does this actually mean?

Let’s start by understanding what culture fit is all about. Simply put, culture fit is the likelihood that a person will be able to conform and adapt to the core values and shared behaviours that make up an organisation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you are hiring for an exact personality replica as yourself either; diversity in people and opinions are important, however, if you have two candidates, one who needs further skills training and the other who enjoys a great skill set, but doesn’t seem like a ‘good fit amongst the team’, then I would always hire the former.

Let me explain: “Hire hard and manage easy”

If you assess cultural fit throughout your recruitment process, you will ensure you hire people who will become fantastic in their new roles, which will certainly help drive long-term growth and success for your organisation. The fit within your existing team and understanding of your company values will ensure that they will save you time and money in having to replace them later.

Here are some practical strategies on how to hire employees for cultural fit and why it’s so successful.

Using these strategies before, during and after you’ve hired a new person, ensures that you will enjoy a happier, more productive team, more cohesiveness, a reaffirmation of your company values and better employee longevity.

Employees who embrace your culture and values go on to become great brand ambassadors; they boost morale and teamwork and help positively affect future recruiting.